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Class Descriptio​ns

Fun with Fondant

Class will start with the basics of working with Fondant, coloring options and storing tips.  Various designs will be made with Fondant.  Flowers will be the focus in this class.  Daisies, Carnations, Roses and Easter Lilies will be designed and painted.  Fun and simple for anyone interested in learning about Fondant!


Cookie Art w/Royal Icing

Learn how to decorate cookies using Royal Icing and various decorating techniques such as Marbling Effect, Outlining and Flooding.  The class will also cover the step-by-step process of filling icing bags and using various tips to make flowers and other designs.  Also learn about Royal Icing Transfers, no end to creativity with transfers!!!   Easy and fun with no experience necessary!!

20230528_142833 (1).jpg


Buttercream Flowers

Learn how simple flowers can be made with icing!  The class will start with basics of coloring icing, filling a icing bag with an icing tip and which tips to use to get different results. Fun and very easy!!

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